Eric Geurts is a songwriter, producer and guitar player from Belgium with a catalog of several hundreds of songs, of which about 20 have been recorded by artists in Belgium and have been released by major record companies (EMI, Universal). See the bio for more info.


Here you can find a list of songs that are available for publishing and/or licensing.

Please also visit his artist website on for songs that he sings himself too. 


Christian Music

Song 552: I'm Not Afraid of the Dark

Song 557: I Still Believe in Miracles

Song 554: You're Not Alone

Song 555: Judgement Day


Country Music

Song 561: Same Kind of Shine


Popular Music

Song 531: Heaven 

Song 556: Free Our Hearts

Song 553: Love to Love

Song 560: When the Love is Gone

Song 542: The Morning After

Song 559: Mysterious

Song 546: The Girl in the Picture (Napalm Girl)

Song 561: Same Kind of Shine 


Acoustic Music

Song 543: Where the Sad Winds Blow

Library Music

Song 550: Duns of Soma

Song 551: Exotica (Your Lillywhite Room)

Song 494: April Fool's Day


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