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From 1977 on, at the age of 16, Eric Geurts played guitar and sang backing vocals in pop-rock bands like The Mirrors, The Seconds, and Boots. He also wrote most of the songs for those bands. The Seconds won most of the contests they participated in, and one of the prices was to get released on a compilation LP of LOF. That happened twice, in 1982 and in 1983. This would be his first experience in a professional studio, but not his last.


In 1986 he also started playing synthesizer, and put together a live puppet theatre called Visions of Foreign Countries for which he entirely composed and recorded the music on a 4-track recorder. During the rest of the eigthies, he composed and recorded mostly experimental and instrumental music like We're All Televisions, Stories From The Blue Moon and Umgawa!.


In 1990 he started the band Meanie with Karin Boelaerts. Many songs and live performances later, they got noticed by a record company called Tempo in 1994 and they changed their name into Kiss The Bride before releasing two single-cd's, When The Love Is Gone and Sometimes it just ain't enough, both composed by Eric, distributed by EMI Belgium. They got on national TV several times and When The Love Is Gone was a radio hit.


In 1997 Eric was asked by Interclub to produce songs for the band Indiana. He recorded Not Afraid Of The Dark, Mysterious, The Morning After, Heart's Beating Wild and 15 Seconds, the first four being written by his hand. He played also guitar and sang backing vocals on those songs, that were partly recorded in his own project studio, and partly in The Groove Studio and ICP in Belgium. Not Afraid Of The Dark was released by Universal Music Belgium, got performed several times on national TV and became a radio hit.


In 2000, he founded his own record label Flying Snowman Records. The first artist he recorded and produced, was Tibetan singer Yang Du Tso.


In 2003, he started working with Yanah, as her co-writer, producer and manager. He composed and recorded 15 songs on which he also played the guitars and some keyboards, and released them on the album The Girl In The Picture that got released in Belgium and Holland, distributed by Reli Records (Belgium) and Heartselling (Holland). They got a lot of live shows and tv-shows.


The first single that got released with Yanah, The Girl In The Picture, was about and dedicated to Kim Phuc, the little girl (in the black and white picture) that was severly burnt in 1972 during a napalm attack on Vietnam. Forty children aged 6 to 14 belonging to the Mozaiek choir participated in the recording of the songs, and a string quartet arrangement was added as the final touch. The song was sent to Kim, who really loved it. Eric organised a press conference where Yanah handed over the very first copy of the single CD.  The press-conference was broadcasted on all Belgian tv news stations and the story was in all the newspapers. The benefits of the sales of that song went to her peace foundation, The Kim Foundation, that supports children that are victimized by war. Kim and Eric became real good friends and have met numerous times since the event. 


The next song that got released beginning of 2004 as a single-cd, was All she's saying. It got a lot of airplay on VT4 Radio. The third single, Back against the wall, was released and was on the playlist of Radio 2 for many months. The fourth single, Yes or No, that Eric co-wrote with Michiel Flamman, Helge Slikker, Niels de Rooy and Yanah, was chosen for the Belgian preselections of Eurosong in 2004.  It got a lot of good comments and publicity on tv, radio and written press. 


When the full CD The Girl In The Picture got released, the reviews in the national newspapers (Het Nieuwsblad, La Dernière Heure, Het Belang van Limburg, ...) and magazines (Flair, Story, Joepie, Dag Allemaal, Menzo, TV-Familie, TV Gids, TV Familie, Stage, Uitkomst, ...), were all excellent. In iTunes, Yanah's cover of Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" continues to be downloaded even today. A lot of live gigs were done in 2005 and 2006 in the BE/NL area including UNESCO in France, many cultural centers, and some of the most prestigious festivals in BE.


In 2008, Eric recorded and produced Sandbox Society's EP. Drums and bass were recorded at Jet Studio in Brussels, vocals and guitars in the Flying Snowman Studio. 


After having written over 500 songs, Eric wanted to concentrate more on his guitar playing and in 2011 he started a cover band called NeverB4. They brought Classic Rock covers (mostly seventies stuff) of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Bad Company, The Who, Van Halen, and some more commercial covers. They had many gigs in Belgium. In 2019, Eric started the cover-party band MeloManiacs, bringing covers of the last 50 years in a wider range of musical styles. 


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Suseguitar from Kemper forum:
I had a chance to play one of the profiles (037508) yesterday in our rehearsal room, played my Strat with Quarterpounds ;) - the solosound is just awesome, assertive, supporting and inspiring. Great work!

Ibot39 from Kemper forum:
After testing the profiles my conclusion is: The pack does exactly what the author is advertising. You get the Blackmore sound from the mentioned era. Humbuckers are possible, other 70s rock-sounds with a little tweaking. But the real soul of this pack is authentic Blackmore-tone! For this it was created with an ear for details and this is were the rigs shine! Thanks for the nice pictures that complement this special pack. I have to highlight the pdf that comes with the profiles offering very detailed information. Great!

Laker from Kemper forum:
These profiles are the real deal IMHO.

Riddlescott from Kemper Forum:
I like it the better the longer i play it. What i also appreciate is the tasty effects settings. Highly recommended for the real Marshall Bluesy Staccato Strat Sound.

raiellojr from Kemper forum:
I like the pack a lot...a little tweaking and I can get real close to your sound samples.