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In 2003, Eric wrote songs for Yanah's first CD, as well as playing the guitar parts and recording/producing the songs on his Flying Snowman Records label.

Kim Phuc single - Press Conference (2003)

Eric was deeply impressed by story of Kim Phuc. She was the young screaming Vietnamese girl running naked after a napalm attack in the famous black and white picture that iconized the horrible Vietnam war. He found out that she was now an adult woman leading a peace foundation in Canada.

After reading Denise Chong's biography about the life of Kim, Eric decided to dedicate a song to Kim Phuc. That is how "The girl in the picture" was born.

A difficult song to write, it captures the painful events of Kim's past with her remarkable strength emerging out of a desire to heal and forgive. Yanah sang the song, and forty children aged 6 to 14 belonging to the Mozaiek choir participated in the recording of "The girl in the picture". A string quartet arrangement was added as the final touch to the piano song.

The single CD was released during a press conference, where Yanah handed over the first copy to Kim Phuc. Since then, Kim and Eric became close friends and they see each other regularly. You can find press reviews about this event here.

Eurosong (2004) 

In January 2004, Eric registered Yanah as her manager to the Eurosong preselections in Belgium. You can find the press reviews of her performance here.

Release Full CD "The Girl in the Picture" (2004) 

Later in 2004, Eric released Yanah's first album, also called "The Girl in the Picture". You can read the positive press reviews of her debut album here.


Singles and Album releases of Eric Geurts (2020-2021) 

Leave a Mark (Eric Geurts)   small
Here are some press articles about the release of songs performed by Eric Geurts (singles and full album). Unfortunately, only available in Dutch...

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Kemper Testimonies

Suseguitar from Kemper forum:
I had a chance to play one of the profiles (037508) yesterday in our rehearsal room, played my Strat with Quarterpounds ;) - the solosound is just awesome, assertive, supporting and inspiring. Great work!

Ibot39 from Kemper forum:
After testing the profiles my conclusion is: The pack does exactly what the author is advertising. You get the Blackmore sound from the mentioned era. Humbuckers are possible, other 70s rock-sounds with a little tweaking. But the real soul of this pack is authentic Blackmore-tone! For this it was created with an ear for details and this is were the rigs shine! Thanks for the nice pictures that complement this special pack. I have to highlight the pdf that comes with the profiles offering very detailed information. Great!

Laker from Kemper forum:
These profiles are the real deal IMHO.

Riddlescott from Kemper Forum:
I like it the better the longer i play it. What i also appreciate is the tasty effects settings. Highly recommended for the real Marshall Bluesy Staccato Strat Sound.

raiellojr from Kemper forum:
I like the pack a lot...a little tweaking and I can get real close to your sound samples.

Laker from Kemper forum:
Only the one amp a Marshall Major but it sounds like the real deal. These profiles are outstanding. Everything they make sounds great. What I really like about them is their sound samples sound just like what you download. IMHO a lot of other profilers do not sound the same.

Acolbourn from Kemper forum:
For Frusciante profiles I tried flying snowman's more black pack listed above and they sound great!

Razorpig55 from Kemper forum:
I spent a ton of time searching for the right “blues” tones and happened on your site.  I really love the pack ('60 Pack) I downloaded, especially the FS ’60 B1001pa......nice, crunchy and just a bit mellow.  I’m going to post your site on the reddit site for Kemper.......have a great one thanks for the great tones.

Kungsmas from Kemper forum:
Extremely great stuff. Among the best vintage Marshall profiles ever.

Michael Worsnup from Facebook Group "Kemper Tips and Tricks":
Got the original pack & just downloaded the new one sound great with my strat Blackmore always been my favorite guitarist and they really nail his sound!

Milano (per email): 
Thank you for providing this great product. The profiles are really good, great job man! Shoot me a message when MORE BLACK PACK 3 releases, I'll be first in line to buy it from you.

Timothy (via mail):
You really did an excellent job. I'm working through the profiles and am very impressed!