Leave a Mark - debut album of Eric Geurts

Leave a Mark - debut album of Eric Geurts




Leave a Mark (Eric Geurts)

Eric Geurts earned his spurs as a songsmith and guitarist for Kiss The Bride and Indiana, among others, but also as producer and manager of Yanah, who opened the pre-selections of Eurosong Belgium 2004 with 'Yes or No'. Together they also made the news with the release of 'The Girl in the Picture (Napalm Girl)'. The song refers to the world-famous photo of the naked young girl running down the road after a napalm attack during the Vietnam War. Kim Phuc personally came to Brussels to receive the single. In the past decade Eric has been perfecting his live guitar work and he has been making Flanders unsafe as a member of the heavy rock cover band NeverB4. 

With the Corona 'stay at home' obligation and the impossibility of performing live it has given Eric an excellent opportunity to write new songs and to revisit earlier songs that are close to his heart. Some of them have been polished up a little (new arrangements and production) while others have had their engines completely overhauled (new lyrics and vocal lines), giving them a total new lease on life. Many songs were never released to the public in their original version.

For a songwriter, songs and compositions are milestones in a life of artistic development. ‘Leave A Mark', Eric Geurts' first solo album, is an eclectic mix of pop and rock songs that have been penned over the past 45 years. The new album has 12 tracks and will be released on 14 April 2021 (Flying Snowman Records). That date is also a personal milestone in the life of Eric Geurts: the day he celebrates the start of his sixtieth year on this earth. The album is a selection of Eric's musical legacy. Which is not to say that he will stop there!

‘Leave A Mark' is an interesting stylistic mix of up-tempo Britrock ('Mysterious', 'The Morning After', 'I'm Not Afraid of the Dark'), ballads in an undisguised John Lennon tradition ('Love to Love', 'Heaven'), bluesy pop ('When the Love is Gone'), Americana ('I Still Believe in Miracles'), classic pop ('Judgement Day') and the Pink Floyd-laced 'Free Our Hearts', in which Eric conjures up beautiful guitar solos. The country-song 'Same Kind of Shine' was written by Eric together with lyricist Arlis Albritton from Nashville. The pop-reggae wobbler 'You're Not Alone', as well as the iconic jazz ballad 'The Girl in the Picture' make up the balance of this impressive first album. Some songs are light-hearted love songs, others take on the issues surrounding war, anger and loss, injustice and social problems. Others explore faith, friendship and love. In the lyrics and in the music, there are always glimmers of hope and positivity.

‘Leave A Mark' is not only a musical round-up but the title also insinuates a philosophical questioning... How many boulders do you have to move to influence the course of a river? What legacy do we leave behind for others after we die? Are our traces deep enough to stand the test of time? In a shallow world dominated by celebrity and social networking how do each of us come to terms with what is truly important? This debut album not only touches hearts and souls but also has enough entertainment content to keep the mood light-hearted and engaging. 

More info: www.ericgeurts.be

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