You're Not Alone - new single of Eric Geurts

You're Not Alone - new single of Eric Geurts




You're Not Alone by Eric Geurts

You can buy the new single of Eric Geurts ("You're Not Alone") on Bandcamp right now (also available on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon and many other digital channels).

The new Eric Geurts single, "You're Not Alone", was released on 14 February 2021.

Loneliness is a stone-cold killer. Without friendship, we are scared creatures lost in our little bubble. We so desperately long to share feelings and experiences. 

"You're not alone" by Eric Geurts revolves around this theme. In a - at least at first hearing - winsome ballad with beautiful guitar lines and a lovely wobbling chorus, the lyrics tell about the need for friendship, love and compassion. In 1974, John Lennon sang: "Nobody loves you when you're down and out". Lennon's soul haunts this song, but unlike the rather cynical Lennon song, "You're not alone" sounds like an ode to friendship, to compassion in these lockdown times when much human suffering takes often strike deep wounds into our very souls. Friendship is a verb, it breaks through self-centeredness.

For those who doubt it all too often: "You're Not Alone"... Somewhere there is someone who cares about you and sings this song for you!

© 2021 Flying Snowman Records
℗ 2021 Flying Snowman Productions
Registered at PRO SABAM, Belgium.

Written, recorded, mixed and produced by Eric Geurts.

All vocals and instruments by Eric Geurts, except vocals on chorus by Madeleine Mbala, bass by Evert Verhees and drumloop by Ronald Vanhuffel.

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