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Here you can download software developed by The Flying Snowman - for free!

I know how frustrating and time-consuming it sometimes can be to work with a sampler or synthesizer, where the manufacturer just didn't pay attention to being more customer-friendly by adding features which makes your life a whole lot easier! I've been through it myself. I'm lucky though I can quickly (well, sometimes not sooo quickly to be honest!) write a program to overcome the problem. Now I feel it's my task to help you. Why keep it to myself? Here you can find a whole lot of tools that may help you make music! They are all freeware versions. No support given of course...

Please do not forget to read our license statements!

As you may notice or have noticed, our software is somewhat outdated! Due to a lack of resources and time, we cannot provide for any new versions. If you are a VB programmer with knowledge of Access databases and midi programming, and you have some time on your hands, please take contact with us to see if and how we can work together to make these softwares up to date!

[ScreenSnowMtrx.gif] Oberheim Matrix-6/1000 Editor, Librarian, and Sound Generator (SnowMtrx)
[ScreenGtrRobot.gif] Guitar Robot guitarsynth utility (GtrRobot)
[ScreenDM800mmc.gif] Remote Control for the Roland DM-800 / MMC Commander / Lyrics Karaoke (DM800mmc)
[ScreenSongText.gif] Karaoke fun! (SongText)
[ScreenAkaiName.gif] Akai S-2000 Name Catcher (AkaiName)
[ScreenMotuMix.gif] Motu Mixer 7S midi mixer (MotuMix)
[ScreenToneZone.gif] The Tone Zone mouse mover - play music with your mouse! (ToneZone)
[ScreenInvestMF.gif] Midi File Investigator (InvestMF)
[ScreenSessions.gif] Studio sessions tracklist memorizer (Sessions)
[ScreenEurodesk.gif] Behringer Eurodesk mixing table settings memorizer (Eurodesk)
[ScreenMidiPort.gif] Midi Ports Viewer (MidiPort)
[ScreenMidiCalc.gif] Midi Calculator (MidiCalc)
[ScreenIni2Syx.gif] Converts your .ini files (used in the other programs) to standard .syx formatted files (Ini2Syx)
[ScreenIntlxMap.gif] Rocktron Intellifex Midi mapping utility (IntlxMap)
[ScreenSysXcmd.gif] System Exclusive Librarian for the Yamaha TX-81Z, Rocktron Intellifex, Oberheim Matrix-6/1000, and Roland U-220 (SysXcmd)

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Kemper Packs Testimonies:

Suseguitar from Kemper forum:
I had a chance to play one of the profiles (037508) yesterday in our rehearsal room, played my Strat with Quarterpounds ;) - the solosound is just awesome, assertive, supporting and inspiring. Great work!

Ibot39 from Kemper forum:
After testing the profiles my conclusion is: The pack does exactly what the author is advertising. You get the Blackmore sound from the mentioned era. Humbuckers are possible, other 70s rock-sounds with a little tweaking. But the real soul of this pack is authentic Blackmore-tone! For this it was created with an ear for details and this is were the rigs shine! Thanks for the nice pictures that complement this special pack. I have to highlight the pdf that comes with the profiles offering very detailed information. Great!

Laker from Kemper forum:
These profiles are the real deal IMHO.

Riddlescott from Kemper Forum:
I like it the better the longer i play it. What i also appreciate is the tasty effects settings. Highly recommended for the real Marshall Bluesy Staccato Strat Sound.

raiellojr from Kemper forum:
I like the pack a lot...a little tweaking and I can get real close to your sound samples.

Laker from Kemper forum:
Blackmore Marshall Major profiles [Flying Snowman Prods] - Only the one amp a Marshall Major but it sounds like the real deal. These profiles are outstanding. Everything they make sounds great. What I really like about them is their sound samples sound just like what you download. IMHO a lot of other profilers do not sound the same.

Acolbourn from Kemper forum:
Thanks for the tips, just wanted to follow up for any else on the hunt for Frusciante tone. For profiles I tried flying snowman's more black pack listed above and they sound great!

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