'Visions of Foreign Countries' : 20th anniversary!

Date 2007/7/21 16:08:17 | Topic: Music

Visions of Foreign Countries was a puppet theatre show The Flying Snowman did on 16th of May, 1987. He got a help from a lot of friends: Makke, Trikke, Alain, Jamme, Christine, Philippe, and last but not least the director of the set, Stef. The idea was to record most instrument parts on a 4-track recorder, playing one instrument live at the time (varying from vocals, guitar, to synthesizer) during the show. Every song described another theme. We did the show only once, it took a lot of time and effort, and I had 10 friends who were willing to help me with the show (thank you again, folks!). We had many enthousiastic reactions on the show.
Look at the pictures here, watch the entire video here, and listen to the songs on the Visions of Foreign Countries songs page.

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