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Posted by The Flying Snowman on 2017/8/27 17:41:57 (2086 reads)

Click here for our Kemper Profiles!

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Posted by The Flying Snowman on 2011/3/11 17:38:52 (5336 reads)

We are a Belgian Classic Rock cover band, bringing songs of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Who, and many others. Check us out!

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Posted by The Flying Snowman on 2007/7/21 16:08:17 (3916 reads)

Visions of Foreign Countries was a puppet theatre show The Flying Snowman did on 16th of May, 1987. He got a help from a lot of friends: Makke, Trikke, Alain, Jamme, Christine, Philippe, and last but not least the director of the set, Stef. The idea was to record most instrument parts on a 4-track recorder, playing one instrument live at the time (varying from vocals, guitar, to synthesizer) during the show. Every song described another theme. We did the show only once, it took a lot of time and effort, and I had 10 friends who were willing to help me with the show (thank you again, folks!). We had many enthousiastic reactions on the show.

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Posted by The Flying Snowman on 2007/5/21 1:19:46 (4243 reads)

The Flying Snowman Studio has been renewed. Cabling has been redone, and the studio now features a Mac G5 with Logic Audio 7.1.1 and ProTools M-Powered, besides a lot of samples and plugins. We also bought the M-Audio FireWire 1814. We still have our very powerful PC as well for compatibility reasons. This guarantees the quality of our services that we offer to artists and bands who wish to record their CD (or demo) in our studio. More can be found in the Studio section.

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