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The Flying Snowman Project Recording Studio is only used for private projects, and is not for hire any longer.
[guitars.jpg] [acoustics.jpg]
  • Ernie Ball Music Man Axis (Eddie Van Halen signature)
  • Fender Telecaster 1967 with Bareknuckles PileDriver neck pickup and Dimarzio Chopper bridge pickup
  • Fender Stratocaster 50s Vintage Reissue White (Mexican) with Lace Silver Sensor pickups
  • Gibson Explorer '76 Vintage Reissue Sunburst
  • Seagull ASE07A Semi-Acoustic
Yamaha RBX 270F Fretless Bass
  • EVH 5150 III Eddie Van Halen head
  • Marshall 1960A 4x12" vintage speaker cabinet (not in picture)
  • Egnater Rebel 30 head (not in picture)
  • FAME 2x12" vintage speaker cabinet
[pedalboard.jpg] [guitarsynthesizer.jpg]
  • Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah-Wah pedal
  • Line6 Expression Pedal (connected to the Line6 DL4 Delay)
  • Digitech Harmony Man
  • Voodoo Lab Power 2+
  • FullTone Robin Trower distortion
  • Boss Dynamic Filter
  • Boss CE-2 Chorus
  • Boss Noise Gate
  • A/DA Flanger
  • Line6 Verbzilla
  • Behringer HD400 Hum Distroyer (not in picture)
  • Boss Chromatic Tuner
  • MXR UV-1 Univibe Chorus
  • MXR Phase 100
  • MXR Micro Amp
  • Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy Deluxe (Analog Delay)
  • Line6 DL4 Delay
  • Roland GR-55 guitarsynthesizer + GK-3A guitar pickup
  • BSM 71/73 CM Treble Booster
  • Music Store Volume Pedal
  • Boss LS2 Line Switcher
  • Ibanez TS10 Tube Screamer (not in picture)
  • Boss T-Wah (not in picture)
  • Electro-Harmonix Bass Balls (not in picture)
  • Heil Sound Talk Box (not in picture)
  • E-bow (not in picture)
  • EBS OctaBass (not in picture)
  • Hartke Bass Attack (VXL Tone-Shaper Pre Amp) (not in picture)
  • Ensoniq DP/2 effects processor (not in picture)
  • Digitech Modulator XP200 (not in picture) (You can find the preset list here!)
  • Kawai Acoustic Piano
  • Oberheim Matrix-100 (not in picture)
  • Lots of plugins and samples for use with Logic Audio Platinum!

  • iMac G5 20" OSX 10.4.9 loaded with 2 GB memory, 256 GB HD
  • M-Audio FireWire 1814
  • Logic Audio 7.1 loaded with samples and plugins (Spectrasonics Atmosphere, Toontrack EZ-Drummer, Beta Monkey Drum Loops, Best Service Orient World, Zero-G Afrolatin Slam, ...)
  • ProTools M-Powered 6.8R2

    Hardware Recorder (for on-location recordings)
  • Roland DM-800 digital 8-track recorder

  • Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors
  • Yamaha P2500 Power Amplifier
  • Yamaha Natural Sound stereo power amplifier B-6
  • Mission hi fi speakers with Subwoofer

  • AKG C414B-TL II large condenser mike
  • Shure SM-57 dynamic mike
  • Shure SM-58 dynamic mike
  • Sennheiser MD-421 N dynamic mike
  • Art Tube MP Mic Preamp

  • Sennheiser HD25 Pro 70 Ohm headphone
  • Sennheiser HD25 SP headphone

    Other Toys
  • Roland Edirol USB midi controller
  • Behringer Composer Compressor/Limiter/Noise Gate
  • Emagic AMT-8 midi patch bay/router/synchronizer (for sale!)
  • Mark Of The Unicorn Midi Express PC Notebook midi patch bay, router, synchronizer
  • Percussion (tambourines, shakers, drum triggers, guiro, ...)
  • Tascam DA-20 Mk II DAT recorder
  • Philips CDR775 dual deck audio CD/CDR recorder
  • Yamaha KX-380 tape deck

The following artists have been recorded in The Flying Snowman Studio:
  • Kiss The Bride
  • Indiana
  • The Flying Snowman
  • Yang Du Tso, Lama Zeupa, Lama Karta
  • Glenn (of Get Ready)
  • Niki (of Atlantic 6)
  • Kostas Chatzopoulos
  • Patrick Riguelle
  • Dirk Naessens (Urban Trad)
  • Yanah
  • Sandbox Society
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